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How to Install the Perfect Home Theater

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How to Install the Perfect Home Theater

Looking to upgrade your home entertainment with a home theater system? From seating arrangements to your preferred surround sound set-up, there are a lot of things to consider when investing in new technology for your Allen, Texas home. To make sure you get the most out of your space, it is important to hire a professional integrator that can gage your specific needs in order to recommend the best equipment. An expert can also ensure your system is primed for growth if you want to add new components or upgrade old ones in the future. Below are five key steps to installing the ideal home theater:

1. Take into Consideration Space and Seating Dynamics The first thing an integrator will do is look at the space proposed for the new theater during an initial consultation. Whether it’s a retro-fit job in an old attic or an entirely new construction, it’s important to know space limitations from the start. As part of this process, it is also important to decide what kind of sitting arrangement you would like.

Your space limitations and sitting arrangement (curved vs. sitting directly in front of the screen, for example) will inform which equipment works best. During this time, there is also special consideration taken to the amount of light that will enter the room to see if there are specific shading solutions that may help or to decide which type of television or screen would work best.

2. Install the Right Technology for Your Theater One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional integrator is taking advantage of their partnerships with premium brands. Through these partnerships, integrators have access to hundreds of products in order to find one that best fits your space. Whether it’s a Dolby Atmos surround sound system from Yamaha or a 4K Ultra HD projector from Sony, ProFocus Home Entertainment can advise you on the perfect equipment for your needs.

For example, rooms that will have a lot of ambient light would benefit from a bright LED TV or a high-contrast screen as opposed to a white screen which is vulnerable to glare. Meanwhile, if there are space limitations, you may want to opt for in-wall or in-ceiling Klipsch speakers that offer high-quality surround sound without taking up valuable space.

3. Commit to a Comprehensive Plan for Installation Once you have the right layout and equipment in mind, there must be thorough planning in place for optimal results. This planning ensures your screen and speakers are installed in the right location so everyone in the room gets an unobstructed view and uniform sound. It is also central to a successful installation that keeps wires hidden from view and allows for new components to be added without the need for additional wiring.

4. Connect all the Necessary Sources With the right wiring installation in place, it’s easy to add a variety of sources to your home theater for endless entertainment. You don’t have to settle for only a Blu-Ray player. By connecting your theater to your home’s audio video system, you can also have access to your cable or satellite box, streaming services like Netflix or Hulu or even your Playstation 4.

5. Control Your Theater at the Touch of a Button With so many sources, control could easily become a hassle without the right solution in place. You don’t want to be stuck dealing with a handful of remotes to get everything working. Connect your home theater to a smart control system to easily manage your video sources, display options, audio and even lights from an intuitive user interface on a smartphone, touchpad or tablet.

Change the way you experience your favorite movies and games. Contact ProFocus Home Entertainment today to install a home theater primed to meet your space’s distinct needs.

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