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What Are the Benefits of Smart Home Automation?

ProFocus Home Entertainment Gets the Most Out of Your Technology

What Are the Benefits of Smart Home Automation?

What if the technology in your home was specifically designed to fit your lifestyle? It's not enough to buy the latest gadgets off the shelf. You need a comprehensive, customized solution that lets you run your home just the way you want. How can you accomplish this? Smart home automation brings all your systems –from lighting to security—under one roof. This technology allows your Prosper, Texas home to work as one cohesive unit, making your day-to-day living more efficient, comfortable and entertaining.

Get Centralized, Intuitive Control of All Your Components

If you’ve installed a home theater system or media room in the past, you’ve probably dealt with a universal remote. This remote linked to your speakers, Blu-Ray player, cable box and television. What if you could have a universal remote that controlled everything in your home? One not limited to a limited set of buttons, but based on an intuitive touch-screen menu accessible from your smartphone, tablet, or customized touchpad.

From anywhere in your home, you can pick up the nearest touchpad or pull up an app on your phone to dim the lights or turn up the temperature. Choose the room you want to control and what components you want to access. Turn off lights that were left on in other rooms, unlock the front door when guests arrive, or turn on your TV and pull up the movie you want to watch. If you like the traditional feel, ProControl also offers remotes with access to many of its smart home automation features.

Get Systems Working Together for Optimal Results

Communication is crucial to running a successful business, and the same can be said of your home. By getting multiple systems working and communicating as one, you can enhance the functionality and safety of your space. It can be as simple as your home entertainment. When you want to watch a movie or TV show, your entire room prepares. The TV turns on, lights dim and shades close for the optimal viewing experience.

Communication between systems can also have a much bigger impact. Take, for example, smoke detectors linked to a smart home automation system. When activated, your system does more than set off an alarm and alert the authorities. It can be linked to your air conditioning, which shuts off to avoid spreading the flames or smoke. You could also set up your system to unlock the doors and light up the path to the front door so you can evacuate quickly.

Stay Connected to Your Home at All Times

As we mentioned earlier, one of the biggest benefits of home automation is being able to manage your home from a smartphone. Since most of us already spent most of our days on the phone, this affords a level of convenience that a traditional remote may not. But what makes the ProControl App shine is that it keeps you connected no matter where you are.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can control your home whether you’re in Prosper, Frisco or across the globe. Simply pull up your app to lock doors remotely, turn off lights, or even look in on security footage. You get added peace of mind by always knowing what’s going on in your home and knowing you can resolve things remotely if needed.

Change the way you interact with your technology. Contact ProFocus Home Entertainment to bring a custom solution into your space.

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